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Baccarat First Person

Baccarat First Person is a 3D animation casino game offered by Evolution.

Evolution is well known for its live casinos with real dealers, but also has a "First Person" line of RNG virtual casinos with stunning graphics and breathtaking 3D animation.

Evoltion transports you to a large computer-generated room with 12 different game tables.

You must choose one with the possibility of selecting a part with or without commission.

Well-established ? Perfect, you must now select a token, several values ​​are offered: 0.50, 1, 5, 25, 100 or 500.


How to play ? There are 3 main bets and 6 side bets that you can play, the advantage of not being live and that you can take your time to think about it and choose the bet that is best for you.

The main bets you ask to predict which of the two hands drawn will win. If the player's or banker's hand wins, then you win a standard payout. The third option you can bet on is that the result of the next round will be a tie.

Winnings are awarded to the hand that comes closest to an eight or a nine without going over. In the event that the cards in your hand push you above ten, the first digit is removed. This means that hitting a five and a six will not give you a score of eleven, but one.

The easiest pair side bet to win is the either pair side bet. It pays 5: 1 if you have any type of pair in the player's or banker's hands.

The side bets P and B were if you have a side bet in the player's and banker's hand, respectively. Despite targeting opposite hands, both pay 11: 1.

However, if you want to win big, try your luck with Perfect Pairs. It requires both flush and suit, but it pays 25: 1 if you spot perfect pair in a hand. If you are lucky enough to get two perfect pairs, then this side bet will net you an incredible 200: 1 payout!

Finally, we have the P and B bonus. This side bet rewards you if the main one you have chosen beats the opponent by four points or more. The bigger the difference in points, the bigger the price! The reward is 30: 1, awarded for winning better with a difference of nine points.

Le RTP est de 98.76%, vous pouvez parier de 1€ à 5 000€.

The game is available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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