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TrueLab.Games is a recent online casino game designer owned by the famous online casino True Flip Games.

Truelab.games stands out for its creativity, original games and high quality graphics!

All TrueLab.games games have high volatility and some games can earn you up to 25,000x your starting bet!

TrueLab.Games transports you to various universes, each more unique than the next, travel to ancient Egypt with Book Of Truth to loot the Pharaoh's treasure, or explore the seabed surrounded by bewitching mermaids in Siren Song!

With its modern and original games, you will also be able to go to the sun to collect fruit with a boomerang by playing Chuck Wilds, the muscular surfer with blond hair in the game Crazy Mix,

or go to the land of the Northern Lights on your Viking longship to discover ancient Viking runes in the game Viking Runes!

Play with Robby the illusionist a colorful character, claiming to be king of the gypsies, this outstanding magician passionate about card games and king of illusion will earn you big money if you get closer to his magic tricks!

Want to play as an adventurer on a motorcycle in the middle of the desert? Victoria Wild is for you! Get on your motorbike and go into a dry and arid desert lost in the middle of sandstorms, collect the oases and hit the jackpot!

With its already cult games like Victoria Wild (and its Deluxe version), Book Of Truth or more recently Siren Song, TrueLab.Games is already establishing itself as a must-have for online casinos!

TrueLab.Games games are available almost everywhere but you will find them all without exception on their casino !

True Flip Games (Casino)

To register, nothing could be simpler, simply enter a phone number, an email address or connect directly with google or facebook.

When you register you will be able to choose the currency with which you want to make your first deposit (BTC, EURO ..).

Several bonus gifts are available for registration, here is the detailed list !

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